Making The Armour And Enemies For A Live-Action Halo Commercial

Deliver Hope, the live-action commercial for Halo: Reach, was the highlight for the Bungie shooter's marketing, giving us a short glimpse of what all of that upcoming gameplay might look like in real life.

This four-minute making-of video, shot on the set in Prague, documents the making of television commercial Spartans and how they managed to create that amazing battle scene.


    Basically, and advertisement for an advertisement for a product.

    Would have liked to see a REAL making-of.

    All that time and effort taken to produce a spectacular live action game trailer is worth it!

    Not to discredit their effort or anything, but you can't really have a realistic SPARTAN, short of using full-blown Iron Man budget.

    While the foam and plastic suits certainly LOOK the part, they don't move as you'd expect. They're too light, floppy and have no sense of weight to them.

    When the SPARTAN gets blown off his feet and just lands in a splat? There's no real interaction with his environment the same way you'd expect a half tonne suit of armour should flatten and sink into the Earth. There's simply no weight. Watch Iron Man, the scenes where the ground sometimes cracks, or how the movements are much more deliberate, slow etc.

    TLDR: Nerd pet peeve

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