Marine Firing Squad Shoots Up Xbox 360

Marine Firing Squad Shoots Up Xbox 360

A US Marine in shades stands in front of the camera, holding an Xbox 360. “This is how you fix the Red Ring of Death for Xbox,” he says. A pistol protrudes from the screen’s bottom.

"Thanks Microsoft for making such a brilliant machine." The camera pans across a makeshift firing squad, five or six Marines strong. The troops unload on the Xbox 360. One Marine screams, "Fuck you, Microsoft!"

The camera cuts to a first-person shooter angle as a pistol is fired.

What's left of the Xbox 360 is strewn about a decimated crate. "Hey Xbox, thanks, hope you can refurbish this shit," says a Marine.

The video seems to date from 2008 on ballaassmofo's YouTube Channel but appeared on a number of website over the weekend. The Red Ring of Death was a hot topic for gamers a few years back, but Microsoft has worked to improve its hardware failures and increase quality.

Question to our Marine readers: Are you all allowed to do stuff like this?

ballaassmofo's Channel [YouTube]


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