Marine Firing Squad Shoots Up Xbox 360

A US Marine in shades stands in front of the camera, holding an Xbox 360. "This is how you fix the Red Ring of Death for Xbox," he says. A pistol protrudes from the screen's bottom.

"Thanks Microsoft for making such a brilliant machine." The camera pans across a makeshift firing squad, five or six Marines strong. The troops unload on the Xbox 360. One Marine screams, "Fuck you, Microsoft!"

The camera cuts to a first-person shooter angle as a pistol is fired.

What's left of the Xbox 360 is strewn about a decimated crate. "Hey Xbox, thanks, hope you can refurbish this shit," says a Marine.

The video seems to date from 2008 on ballaassmofo's YouTube Channel but appeared on a number of website over the weekend. The Red Ring of Death was a hot topic for gamers a few years back, but Microsoft has worked to improve its hardware failures and increase quality.

Question to our Marine readers: Are you all allowed to do stuff like this?

ballaassmofo's Channel [YouTube]


    thats waht you get microsoft for cutting corners. now the US army is comin to gun you down...

    it all starts with 1 squad and an in-animate object, before you you know it theres an entrire army storming Steven A. Ballmer's private residence.

    Fixed to the point of never working again.

    No, we aren't allowed to do this kind of thing now, but two years ago the powers that be were more lenient in choosing targets for the firing range.

      Simple answer is not any more...

      I still see zombie cutouts on the range now and then tho.

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