Mario's 25th Anniversary Box Heads For Europe

That lovely re-release of Super Mario All-Stars, presumed only for the Japanese market, will also be released in Europe, Nintendo has revealed.

The company's Swedish website has posted a listing for the collection, with a release date set for December 3. There's even English-language box art to look at (though it's marked "not final", so bear that in mind).

That box art being in English should not only put a smile on the face of British and Irish fans; it also increases the odds of the collection making its way to North America and Australasia as well.

[thanks Lars!]



    About flipping time

    All over this, if it makes it out over here...

    I hope it's the SNES redrawn graphics versions of the games and not just the NES sprites that we can already grab for the VC.

    OMG so buying this, hope it comes with a NES wii controller.

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