Master Chief, The Declining Years

Wondering what happens to Master Chief after the events of Halo 3? He got old. And sick.

This great piece of fan art by Chris Pollitt, put together for a Comicon concept art challenge, shows the star of the Halo series in his declining years, decades of battle having taken their toll on his spirts and the ravages of the Flood having corrupted his flesh.

Not the cheeriest way for the saviour of humanity to go out, true, but then can you picture Master Chief kicking back at a retirement home in flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt, playing bowls all day?

I... can, actually.

[Chris Pollitt]


    ...I still love you, irrespective of how you look.


      I agree with you.

    you can just imagine him playing bowls, "FRAG OUT!!!!!! wait a minute, this plasma isn't activating?"

    I always pictured Master Chief as a badass black man, kinda looking like Samual L Jackson

      same here

    I don't want to sound weird by drawing attention to some guy's arse, but OH MY GOD LOOK AT IT

    Oh my God! Master Chief is Bruce Willis!? I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!!

    "Damn." It looks like father time and the flood joined forces to kick his ass? Well, at least he still has his good hand to masturbate to Cortanas' naughty talk from time to time.

    It is fan made.

    that's just sad @Mr. Hydrochronic

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