Medal Of Honor Doubles Up On DLC With Hot Zone, Clean Sweep

EA's modern military shooter is getting a double dose of downloadable content next week. Medal of Honor players can pick up "Hot Zone" and "Clean Sweep" on November 2, but only one of them will cost you.

Medal of Honor's "Clean Sweep" mode has already been detailed by the company. That's the freely downloadable multiplayer add-on that adds the following rules to team deathmatch: four minutes, two teams and no respawns. "Clean Sweep" also brings with it four maps, two new, two old.

That add-on is gratis if you're an "original purchaser" or have purchased an EA Online Pass for Medal of Honor.

Also coming on November 2 is "Hot Zone". This king of the hill mode also sports four maps: Hindukush Pass and Korengal Outpost, the two new offerings; Shahikot Valley and Helmand Valley, two redesigned maps. "Hot Zone" is an 800 Microsoft Points download for the Xbox 360, a $US9.99 download for the PC and PS3.


    Am loving this game - the lack of a killcam is a little annoying though. Specifically getting picked off by a sniper, although you have no idea where from, respawning, and then getting picked off by the same idea a few seconds later, still with no idea where from.

      "same guy", sorry for the typo

    I like it as it adds to the authenticity, but agreed, it is damn frustrating. Campers are a plenty but if you have half a brain you can flush them out. People that run to the front, firing at the hip, get frustrated with the game. Maybe try not being stupid.

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