Meet The New Marty McFly, Sounds Like The Old Marty McFly

And that's a good thing. GameTrailers has put up a couple behind-the-scenes vids of Telltale Games' upcoming Back to the Future game, and the guy they got to voice Marty McFly does a virtuoso Michael J. Fox.

It's one thing to do an impersonation, it's another to apply that voice to real acting. It's just a few clips, but A.J. LoCascio, McFly's voice, really does seem to pull it off. Quite a serendipitous casting.

Here's another video, released Friday, featuring Christopher Lloyd and the game's creative staff setting up the premise of Telltale's game.


    Can't wait! Grew up watching these movies and it'll be interesting to see how this turns out. I would rather it be a full retail disc than a downloadable game though. It's a shame there's no Michael J Fox, but I'm glad they found someone who can do a great impersonation.

    This looks exciting, but I hope those Doc animations were just first drafts, he moves in such a sedate and calm way, which really never happens in the movies.
    I hope they really try and catch the physical personalities of the characters as well as nailing the voices.

    I like how in the second video Bob Gale says "Its good to finally have a game done the right way". HAHA, heres looking at you LJN! Im so excited for this!

    OMG? I just finished reading both and its set AFTER BTTF3!? I always wondered what happened to them after the end of the trilogy, this is amazing!

    Still a bit confused about how "The Delorean Reappears" when it was destroyed, but I'm intrigued to find out how.

      Remember the Doc still had his time traveling train at the end of 3? They can just use that and go back and get it!

        Then you have to ask who is driving the train. And who has the know how to operate the Delorean and bring it back to Marty, if Doc is missing (again lol)?

        its sounding and looking really good especially with the likeness of Marty's voice. Only problem i have is how the trilogy ended and what premise this brings up. As much as i love the whole story, i'm not too sure if this is necessary, and if it being a videogame would ruin the whole experience set by the films

    Wow this is HEAVY!

      What's mass got to do with? Is there some problem with the earth's gravitational pull in the future?

      Wow, you missed an opportunity to say, "Great Scott!"

      Don't be such a Butthead, popcultured. Serrel's line is also from the movie, and is a much better joke.

      Now why don't you make like a tree... and get outta here.

        "It's a screen door on a submarine, you dork!"

    I love it when he says that in the school mark lol

    So if they hadn't fired Eric Stoltz, would LoCascio have grown up sounding just like HIM?! mind-boggling! ;)

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