Mega Man's Lego Robot Masters

Raphael Phillips, the graphic artist behind the adorable Mega Man Lego mashup back in September is back, presenting his blocky take on Mega Man's Robot Masters.

Ben from The 8-Bit Cubist passes along these lovely images, and I like them much more than the original set. Raphael's first collection was indeed impressive, but let's face it: Once you create one Lego Mega Man, making the rest is just a matter of recolouring the same model. Phillips mixes things up in his second collection of Lego Mega Man renders by featuring the evil Robot Masters from the games themselves.

Hit up the 8-Bit Cubist link below for more Mega Man goodness.

Mega Man Lego Collection: The Bosses by Raphael Phillips [The 8-Bit Cubist]


    I've said it numerous times, but i'll say it again - EVERYTHING can be made cooler by lego


      You sore? I really doubt Justen Biber could be made cooler with Lego. In fact, I think Lego would be made uncool....


        Lego Justin Beiber would be able to be smashed into tiny pieces and re-built into something useful.


    An actual LEGO Mega Man Game... needs to happen!

    There are alot of franchises out there that require LEGO games... like Back To The Future, that would be an awesome LEGO game... make them happen Travellers Tales!!

    how did he make those and is their any possible way he can make me a set or 2?

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