Microsoft Drops Down Nintendo's Pecking Order

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, in an interview with Forbes, also says he's played Dragon Quest IX for 150 hours. Get back to work, you slacker!


    Well, fair enough. Apple is set to steal more of the 'casual' audience than Microsoft. Most of the people who buy a Wii aren't going to buy an Xbox anyway, but a lot of people who would think about getting a DS may already have an iPhone

    That's probably because Microsoft doesn't have a handheld gaming console....But that's just a guess.....(rolls eyes)

      I kid you not but there are people out there that think Windows Mobile 7 has gaming potential. It can show one's animated "avatar" and play a few standard-looking games. Micro-who?

      Unless they decide that Windows Phone 7 is their hand held gaming platform, similar to how iPhone OS is Apple's.

    LOL. I bet this guy plays Playstation and Xbox.

    People(Nintendo) would do well not to under esitmate MSFT when they dedicate themselves to a platform. Many have made that mistake.

    I've played for about 50 and i just finished the game. XD What the hell is taking him so long?

      Most likely he has "finished" the game, but is now indulging in the massive post-game quests that DQIX has to offer.

      I wouldn't just stop at the main storyline, take a look at some of the post-game stuff, a lot of it is good fun.

    I couldn't play Dragon Quest for more than 20 hours, either he's pulling the old "be in touch with your target demographic" PR move or he's one dedicated gamer.

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