Microsoft Not So Keen On HD Re-Releases For Xbox 360

From Ico to God of War to Sly to Beyond Good & Evil, the PlayStation 3 is currently being inundated by high-definition ports of classic PS2 games. The Xbox 360? Notsomuch.

"I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea," Microsoft Game Studios Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer told IGN. "I'm going to think about it from the customer's perspective, and are we really delivering something of value to the customer at a price that they want?"

"We obviously have a lot of new things going on, so the thought of redoing a bunch of things is probably difficult to just weave into the overall portfolio. If you can provide real value to the customer, there could be possibilities for that, but I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it."

Really? We wish you would. Sega's offerings of games like Crazy Taxi are OK, but some bigger boxed games from Microsoft's own studios would be better. A HD remake of Halo 1 - complete with Xbox Live multiplayer - is an obvious wish, but shiny versions of Project Gotham Racing 2 and Fable would also be great, thanks!

Microsoft: HD Remakes Not a Focus [IGN]


    Some games without 360 compatibility or framerate/video issues would be nice... but he's right, I don't think there's really much in it for people.

    Gamers will reminisce and play the stuff they like; concentrate on the new stuff.

    I'm not so sure on the MP aspect of it but if it were to take the single player campaigns and combine them onto the same disc or in a pack I'd pay for it

      +1 Would be my vote. The multiplayer crowd should be happy with Reach for a while. Updating Halo 1 + 2 SP to the same level of graphics as Reach or even Halo 3 would be great.

    I'm not sure if they need a new release.
    Can't a game be patched to HiDef?

    I'm sure it's possible, the Mechwarrior 4 community has been doing it for years.

    I think they have a place with games that were ignored on release. Like the mentioned Ico (Shadows), Sly and BG&E. These games deserve a second chance and the developers deserve to have their work recognised.

    But it's not always peaches. The Perfect Dark remake was a great step from Rare, they really did it right. Yet when I called in the old group from Goldeneye days, we all agreed the game was lacking something. Couldn't quite formulate it in to words but something very important was missing and I think many people felt it. I try to find a MP match of that every now and again, it is a desert town.

      I think the game stayed the same and you changed...

    More of those RARE N64 games please.

    Wait is there any left?

    I think it's also easier for Sony to do this kind of thing simply because they have an abundance of internal developers compared to MS who to tend to rely to a greater extent than Sony on external developers (Epic, Valve, etc) for a lot of their major exclusives.

    So Sony have enough internal resources to devote to this kind of work without limiting their output of new games. MS don't have the same capacity and are understandably more inclined to devote what they've got to new games.

    But as far as the "customer's perspective" - HD makeovers of some absolutely super games bundled together in pairs for about $60... as a customer, that's a pretty good deal from my perspective. Especially for games like SotC which I love dearly but just doesn't look very good at all when played on the PS2 through a HDTV. I'd happily pay $60 just for that on its own if it has a steady frame rate and polished up HD graphics.

    I don't know if it's such a big deal for Microsoft. I would imagine this would be of higher demand to Xbox 360 users IF we didn't have any kind of backwards compatibility.

    The fact that SotC and Ico are coming to the PS3 is great, but I think it's mostly because I haven't been able to play them on my PS3. I actually still own Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The fact I have to buy them again doesn't appeal to me.

    The lack of any real backwards compatibility on the PS3 has made PlayStation owners hungry for the old classics.

    It irritates me more that Sony think they're doing us a favour, or providing something great.

    They're not, they're simply doing, now, what should have been a part of the PS3 in the beginning. Oh wait! It was, they just removed it.

      I find that I get excited about HD remakes, buy them, then never play them.

    I'd buy a halo 1 & 2 double pack that was ported to the reach engine and used its fancier models & textures. It still looks okay but the emulation seems a bit dodgy in places (where I didn't notice the original being a bit dodgy)

    Don't most original Xbox games work on the 360 anyway?

    Most PS3s don't have the facility to play PS2 games - hence why re-releases are so appealing.

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