Military Bases Will Still Not Sell Medal Of Honor Despite Changes

Despite Electronic Arts' decision to remove the playable Taliban in upcoming shooter Medal of honour, the Army and Air Force base stores around the world will still not sell the game.

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service's position concerning stocking the newest Medal of honour video game remains unchanged as its facilities have no plans to carry the title, Judd Anstey, Army & Air Force Exchange Service Public Affairs spokesman told Kotaku today.

"Out of respect to those touched by the ongoing, real-life events presented as a game, Exchanges will not be carrying this product," the Army & Air Force Exchange Service's Commander Maj Gen Bruce Casella told Kotaku. "While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, our position is consistent with the direction stated a month ago. I expect the military families who are authorised to shop the Exchange are aware, and understanding, of the decision not to carry this particular offering."

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service is a joint military activity providing quality merchandise and services to approximately 12.3 million active duty, guard and reserve members, military retirees and their families.

Maj Gen Casella decided to not stock the game on base stores in September after discovering that Medal of Honor's online gameplay allowed gamers to control Taliban fighters.

Last week Electronic Arts said they were changing the name of the Taliban to Opfor out of respect for the families of fallen soldiers.


    I think it's pretty stupid of the developers to do this in the first place. It is obviously something which would offend folks directly linked to the events occuring over there and a complete insult to the soldiers. To make a game out of this especially the ability to play as the enemy in this context is just wrong. How about they make the game more educational, by actually having a story based on experiences by the real life soldiers - give the player an understanding of what is occring over there.

      wow do you not understand that any game letting you play as americans in a war shooter is letting you play as the enemy of another country.... oh wait noooo thats right, youre always the good guys yeah? so why is it ok to play as americans and blast away at any number of different races from any number of wars, but when the shoe is on the other foot it suddenly becomes "offensive" and "insensitive". if you want to have a dummy spit then it should go both ways, cant play as one side cant play as either side, hell ill support that, war shooters are so over done anyway.

        Thanks piat. Well said.

          I agree with piat. Does Markie think that the opposing forces do not have families that mourned their loved ones? Does he not think that such a videogame glorifying America's participation in a global conflict to be offensive to them?
          Sure, we may not agree with the Taliban's ideals and views, but they are people and soldiers too. There is always a flipside.
          Having said that, I expect MOH sales to go through the roof in Afghanistan. An opportunity to play as one's self, as opposed to playing as an American infidel? Now... just need to figure out how to get a decent network connection in those goddam caves.

        Mr. piat - you sir, deserve a medal. Here Here!

        On a side note, i can't fathom why soldiers would want to play military shooters... i mean games are meant to be a form of escape and relaxation... so why the HELL would soldiers play soldiers in game?? If i was in the army, the last thing i'd want to do is play soldier online...

        I understand what you're saying Piat - but in this context, with the enemy being blatantly obvious and with the war still occuring - it is bound to be offensive.
        I think the issue is that playing as the enemy at this point in the war is desensitising the situation over there.

          "the enemy blatantly obvious"

          sorry but if you actually believe this you need to stop watching fox news as its making you ignorant.

          btw, piat +1

            No, YOU need to stop and have a look at what country you live in... and get a band aid for that bleeding heart of yours.

            You think they wouldn't stab you in the backc whilst you give them a hug Kyle, huh?

              You git, Roland. What, is it "love it or leave it" again?

              The real problem with MoH is that the americans are the good guys, instead of insane-level empire-builders.

              Would there have been a controversy if part of it was instead set in the Caucusus, featuring Russians and Chechnyans? Prob not, since neither Russia nor Chechnya can be seen from America, and therefore, do not exist.

              Personally I would have set the multiplayer in an Oz/NZ war - that'd be awesome, bro!

      Isn't that what they did do. It's just the multiplayer part. They gave a name to the non American (allies) force.

      sorry i have to comment here Markie. you say "How about they make the game more educational" while at the same time arguing that they shouldn't use the word Taliban? how the hell are you supposed to educate people about the realities of the situation if you can't even use the correct terminology?

    Gee, I wonder if they actually simulate the real life Taliban, where you take orders from covert CIA operatives.

    Just be thankful the US Military didnt insist that the OpFor lose every round.
    Heaven forbid the terrorists might win.

    interesting that they still won't allow the game to be sold. i'd love someone to do a poll of serving soldiers to see what they thought.

    here's another interesting piece ont he topic:

    "Last week Electronic Arts said they were changing the name of the Taliban to Opfor out of respect for the families of fallen soldiers."

    How is self-censorship respectful to anyone? This is just bowing to people who themselves probably wouldn't have bought the game anyway.

    Grow a spine, EA.

    People getting offended over this deserve to be offended. War is offensive. Death is offensive. Military is offensive.


      First one to notice! What are these murderers being sold video games for anyway?

    I think it's hilarious. There is nothing about the Navy Exchange, Navy must not give a shit, appears we'll still get it, silly Army and Air Force and your silly 'wars', ha.

      wonder if there will be a blackmarket for US Army folk who want the game - i bet there'd be a many who'd want to play it now.

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