Minecraft Adds Pumpkins, Scarier Depths To Big Halloween Update

Runaway indie success Minecraft will treat players to a deeper, scarier, more difficult version of the game later this month, when developer Notch has promised a new Halloween-themed update, complete with a new element - pumpkins!

The next big Minecraft update promises more than just fewer bugs, more music and new monsters. The update, planned to hit on Halloween, adds scary fish, a scary new realm and even scarier depths. "The deeper you are, the brighter it has to be to stay safe," warns the game's official site, along with a note that torches will soon expire, but lanterns will light your journey forever.

On the crafting front, players will soon be able to create watches "that let you know when it's safe to emerge from caves" and pumpkins that can be carved into Jack O' Lanterns that serve as "totally useless helmets".

The full spooky update for Minecraft, due October 31 for those of you who don't know when Halloween happens, is detailed further at the official site.


    Damnit Notch we don't want no goddamn pumpkins, we want biomes and working survival in alpha MP.

    Well, at least we have lanterns now.

      ...but I like infinite torches... I only just figured out how to make em (yep noob).. oh well.

        I've read that upon loading existing worlds for the first time after the update, all torches will be turned into lanterns so you won't be plunged into darkness.

          Now THAT would save me a lot of time climbing all over my gigantic tower replacing torches <3

            I assume lanterns will be harder to make than torches, so you could just place dozens of torches now so that when the update comes you can reclaim them as lanterns. Assuming you can break and then pick up lanterns again like torches.

              You don't have to place the torches. All the pre-existing torches in your inventory will be turned into lanterns on the update.

      Biomens are actually mentioned as being apart of the update on the development blog which is pretty exciting.

      nice trolling moron

      Biomes are clearly mentioned on the picture if you actually went to his blog

    I shouldn't have bought this game before the semester ended. :(

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