Minecraft Under Siege By Angry Addicts Demanding More Updates

Addictive indie computer game Minecraft was knocked off it's little block wheels yesterday apparently by a group of disenfranchised Minecraft players demanding more updates from the game's creator.

Developer Notch writes that the games servers are getting hammered by a distributed denial of service, or DDOS, attack.

"A real world example would be running up to the cashier at a super market and paying in small coins, counting every single one really slowly, then finding out at the end you didn't have enough in the first place," Notch wrote on his Tumblr today. "The "Distributed" means it's done from a lot of places at the same time, so it's much harder to simply deny access to the clients that do that. Usually this is done via computers infected with trojans, so people participate in this without even knowing they're doing it.

"As to why minecraft.net is being targeted, I'm not sure."

A post on 4chan claiming responsibility for the attack says that the group launched the DDOS because they want more updates from Notch. They also point out they are not active 4chan members or people from rival games.

Here's the full statement. Do keep in mind we have no way of knowing whether these really are the people behind the ongoing attack.

Minecraft is currently experiencing a stimulation provided by us.

It's purpose is to send Notch a clear message of how the future of minecraft will turn out unless he gets to work, namely by influencing the amount of sales taking place, due to the attacks.

Start providing your customers with the updates that you promise them.

We have roughly 83,000 bots available, and preserved for this seizure, we could if we wanted to keep this going for weeks, however we have decided to give it a week, and see whether or not your attitude, and commitment will change, we believe it will when money stops rolling in for the time being...

anyhow, no we're not from roblox, or any other minecraft clone, not to mention none of us have been around 4chan for years, and nor has any real 4channers for that matter, its all newfags now, and has been for quite a few years."

Is the official quote. I don't know the origin of the quote, but it is happening.

So if you're missing your daily Minecraft fix, just keep in mind that you can play other Minecraft fans for the problem.

The DDoS attack continues, I'll just get back to coding, then. [The Word of Notch - Thanks Pigmassacre!]


    When love becomes hate... or something. That's pretty messed up.

    I doubt holding a gun to his head is going to have the desired effect.

    Generating publicity for the game however just might do the trick.

    He is about to release a MASSIVE update for Halloween, goddammit people have some patience.

    Impatient idiots. There's a fairly significant patch coming out on the 31st.

    if i was Notch, i would publicly turn around and tell them that they can go fuck themselves, hes already got a lot of cash from minecraft, enough to make his own studio.

    stupid little teenagers, get a life.


    But seriously - how is he supposed to be working on updates when he's getting distracted by idiots pulling this kind of stunt?

    This is what happens when thirteen year olds learn how to make a DDOS attack.

    Some people need some brains. And 83,000? Oh please...

    What an idiot. Doesn't he realise that this only serves to delay the next update? Some people are real morons.

    As people have mentioned, notch is busy with:

    The Halloween update
    Being sick with the flu
    Visiting lawyers
    Finding a new office for the studio
    Life besides Minecraft

    These guys need to grow up.

    How pathetic. Can't they see this only serves to hurt people who enjoy Minecraft?

    This is what happens when you let children access the internet without close supervision.

    Shouldn't have run the story.

    Kids like attention.

    He should handle this the way I handle tailgaters. When someone's driving up behind me and wants me to go faster, I slow down and make the bastard wait. If these guys are going to make a fuss about not having updates then Notch should make the "excuse" of cleaning up their mess and delay the Halloween update, making it clear that blame should be placed squarely on the impatient DDOSers.
    Honestly, this is what makes me wish I had awesome hacking powers. I'd love to hit back at guys like this.

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