Minecraft's Biome Reveal Video Also The Prettiest

Notch, developer of the world carving, item alchemy game Minecraft, is bringing players of the PC hit a treat for Halloween: biomes. What are biomes? This video shows you 10 of them.

These collections of Minecraft flora and fauna range from arctic to desert zones, with each biome capable of spawning its own monsters and housing its own trees, grass and even sky colour. Unique vegetation, special mobs, these are the things that will make Minecraft's biomes an important new feature for players to explore.

Minecraft's next big update is planned for release on Halloween. Since the game is still in its alpha stages, we expect biomes - and other additions - to continue to evolve.


    I'm looking forward to this update a lot! Although I'm still holding out for survival multiplayer

      I am also keen for this, but don't want to stop new vegas atm.

      But multi is going to be awesome. i have not got a gaming PC and am struggling a bit to play this at times. I will have to scrape together a few upgrades for the PC... but is so worth it. I just love the experience of this game. No story or anything, just trying to survive!!! I just hope there are options to disable griefing etc.. al la RDR???

        You can stop players griefing with traps. Oh, such glorious traps. Create false floors leading to spiked pits, trigger booby traps that trap players in watery graves or simply lock them into an Obsidian room.

    Sooooo the maps are patchy rather than just one style of terrain.
    Cool, I guess.

    What was on the far left at 2:44? Looked like flames, but looked different to normal fire.

    I have to say I can't really count 10 'biomes' here. I mean there's some snow and ice, some sandyareas, then just the normal grassy areas and water? Still looking forward to it as I love Minecraft, but I would like some more items to be added so that there was more to do and more to strive to collect.

      its some trees on fire if you pause it, im guessing some lava spawned in a forest area.

      as for biomes i see: Desert, Showy, Tundra (snow with trees), grass lands, forest, ranges (series of mountains), valleys. dunno about the other 3, biomes are subtle things, not just desert, snow, grass

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