Minecraft's Portals Are Guarded By Evil Jellyfish

Minecraft's Halloween update will bring a new portal system to the game, courtesy of a new dimension, tentatively titled "Hell". Sounds cushy! Such convenience, however, comes at a price.

This new dimension will be guarded by a new monster type, called the Ghast. It's a floaty jellyfish thing that shoots fireballs, which explode when they hit something, then set what's left on fire. Even the ground.

You'll only encounter Ghasts while traversing the "Hell" dimension, so if you want to enjoy the luxury of fast-travelling across your Minecraft maps, you'd better be prepared to run.

Minecraft Halloween Update preview: meet the Ghasts [PC Gamer]


    Well, technically they can be in the normal world as well as hell...

    Ghasts will spawn near hell portals in the normal world!

    Better keep your portal room safely guarded!

      -.- why did I make my HUGE house out of wood?

    Seems to have take a page out of ES4:Oblivion?

    "Hell" is only it's working title, Notch doesn't want any religious themes in the game.

    That is awesome, something scary again, buckets of water for everyone!

      closer inspection of that screenshot seems to suggest they can also set each other on fire.

        Ghasts can shoot fireballs at you

          Which, when they impact and explode, appear to, from the above screenshot at least, set each other on fire as well as the player + environment, is the point i was trying to make.

    I wonder if they'll drop anything cool:)

      Spoken like a true RPG addict ;)

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