Mirror's Edge And Battlefield In My Medal Of Honor

EA's Medal of Honor touted itself as a realistic look at modern warfare. Military experts and soldiers consulted on the game to ensure its accuracy. Those in-game ads, though? EA consulted with itself.

In the game, there are tattered fliers for Mirror's Edge and Battlefield: Bad Company. Both titles, of course, are EA games.

The likelihood of a soldier coming across these fliers while on patrol are low, but possible.

Personally, stuff like this doesn't bother me. Easter eggs like this - knowing self-references - are great. Really like when game developers are willing to break the third wall and toss a wink-wink nudge-nudge to the player. Yes, even if that knowing look is an EA advert.

Medal of Honor was released earlier this month to mixed reviews. It has sold 1.5 million copies.

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    This gives me hope that Mirror's Edge is not forgotten and the Mirror's Edge 2 is still in development...

      true... Mirror's Edge was an amazing game - really quite different to many things out there, and quite a challenge to play.

    These types of in game adds are fine, its the big massive bill board style ones that drive me nuts!

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