Modern Warfare 2 Nuke In Less Than 33 Seconds?

Can you actually activate a nuke in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer in about half a minute? There's been debate about that and admissions of fakery. But this video, newly re-posted to YouTube shows a purportedly legit 32-second nuke. Look legit?

MW2: World's Fastest Nuke, 32 Seconds!!! [YouTube]


    Wow. If it was fake... You have to admit he made it look good.

    this is actually quite old, but oma noob tubes doesnt deserve to be the best...

    yeah it is old.. and real. it was gunit123 who posted fake nukes. well, when i say fake, i mean he would have his mates basically just standing there letting him kill them. the guy is a douche. and yet machinima still let him post shit!?!? WTF?

    Agree, this is setup. Just get all your mates to run to A. Tubes + Danger Close(?) does not equal a good player.

    So that's what the helicopter looks like from that side.

    it seems fake to me, why would that many people go for the same flag...twice. Its much likely if its in groundwar, but i wouldnt count on that stupidity

      sadly, you'd be wrong. Plenty of people do this. Hell, I used to do this back in the early days. People just can't fathom that there's some guy on the other team who plays this game non-stop, accurately aiming a grenade at them all the way on the other side. They figure it's a fluke, and they run to the same flag again... and again, and again.

      So it's not fake and it's not stupid - since the only way to win points is to capture flags.

    It takes 33 seconds for him to get the nuke... why does he need to talk for 3:23 then!!!

    A match that only lasts 1 minute 40? Way to ruin the game jackass :P Nah congrats.

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