Move In Australia: How Is It Selling?

With recent news breaking that Sony has shipped one million units of PlayStation Move in the US, we thought we'd ask Sony Australia how the numbers have been going over here.

Turns out they don't have any firm numbers as of yet but apparently Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which aggregates Europe, Australia and New Zealand into one giant PAL wonderland, are claiming that over one and a half million units have be shipped in total ('shipped' meaning sold to retailers, not to consumers, a number that seems even stronger than the one Sony are touting in the US.

It's easy to be cynical about these numbers, but they give us the sense that at the very least retailers worldwide are extremely confident of PlayStation Move's success this in the marketplace this Christmas - and often that can be half the battle. Sony are investing heavily in PlayStation Move and initial signs seem to be good.

The real proof, however, will come further down the track when we get a real idea of how consumers have responded to PlayStation Move, both at home and abroad.


    move will take off when we get some hardcore games aka killzone 3 and that sorcery game.

      Would you really play Killzone 3 with a move controller over the precision of a dualshock?

      I don't really think the "hardcore" crowd is the target market for the Move. I bought a couple on launch and they are great fun. I'm looking forward to seeing some new IP's, ideas and designs. I don't want the move replacing my dualshock for "hardcore" games.

        Precision? Analogue sticks are hardly precise and it's the hardcore market that sony was aiming the move at in all the expos.
        Would I want something more precise than a dualshock for killzone? Certainly. Failing a mouse i'll take one of these if they perform anything like they appear to at the expos.

        "precision of a dualshock"

        hmm... Being one that only plays FPS on the PC and recently played Halo 3 and Killzone 2 for the first time I couldn't help but notice the huge auto-aim that is incorporated into it. Not having played many console FPSs I don't know if it is a standard across the board or based on the difficulty settings (I was playing on the one below Legendary and Normal respectively).

        I guess I've spent too much time playing L4D.

        But! Having played Metroid Prime 3 in Hard difficulty makes me wish that I could do Halo with the same controller setup. Kudos to Sony and Nintendo for doing it different. Now you are closer to the precision of the mouse.

        You can keep your dual shock. It boggles my mind that people actually *prefer* to control an FPS like a robot with an 8-way directional joystick.

        The only thing that made it take off in the first place was M$ and their big money, taking Halo - originally aimed at PC - and shoe-horning it to fit on their Xbox.

        If games like The Conduit on Wii are anything to go by - the motion controller is a much better solution to FPS control than the dual shock.

        But if thats the way you likes it, fine. So long as they let us both loose in the same server, with our preferred controller type. Each to his own, and you will get pwn!

          Too many PC fanboys here. Yeah it might be a bit more precise, but the analouge is just as easy to use as a mouse, moving around using keys? How is that precise? That would be like me using the Dpad on a controller to move around. I'd love to go up against someone with a mouse, just to show there is no difference, its all in the skill of the player.

          Anyway to the topic, I love the Move, I'd hate it for anything precise like a shooter, but its great for the gimmicky sports games

            Actually Microsoft tried that at one point. Pit a sub par skilled PC gamer against a hardcore console gamer. The consoler lost every time. Mouse + keyboard = more precision.

            How wrong you are.

            Microsoft released information about their trials for windows live players competing with xbox live in FPS games. They found that 100% of the time the PC gamers wasted the console gamers due to the better accuracy of a mouse and keyboard setup. I basicly confirmed what most gamers have known for years now. They eventually scrapped the idea of supporting cross platform multiplayer (shadowrun tried it but failed).

            I think there was an article on kotaku about this a few months ago.


          Actually, Halo was originally for the MAC not the PC, and some people prefer to play sitting on their couch not at a desk, so a controller is more fun in that situation.

            "t was originally planned to be a real-time strategy game for the Mac and Windows operating systems, but later changed into a third-person action game.[11][55][56] On June 19, 2000, Microsoft acquired Bungie Studios and Halo: Combat Evolved became a launch title for the Xbox video game console."


            Sif Halo was a Mac only title..?

            "Actually, Halo was originally for the MAC not the PC, and some people prefer to play sitting on their couch not at a desk, so a controller is more fun in that situation."

            quoted in agreeance

            And in regards to one being better than the other I just believe it comes to personal prefference and what you are more used to.

            Wasn't there a game that allowed people from the 360 play against PC gamers?

        wow, the world has turned upside down.

        the day someone touts an analogue controller as the hardcore fps player's 'precision' controller of choice...

        wait. before you say anything: wanna vs me at CS? I'll use a mouse, you use a controller?

    I think its fantastic that they are betting on the move to sell lots, but are they going to provide any games that are of substance? And i am undecided as to which is the bigger gimmick; sonys 3d or the move. Ill stick to my dualshock and some good games thanks sony.

      Clearly you haven't played 3d if you think it's a gimmick... Depth perception is improved tenfold making it far more immersive... Not sure about move however...

    lol, I didnt even know it was out over here yet...come to think of it, I havent seen any advertising for it either, but maybe that is just me...

      Can't say I have seen any TV ads, but there has been ads in bus shelters for months, and plenty of advertising in store. Plus, around launch, every store selling games was advertising them heavily in their catalogues. Also, they were released simultaneously worldwide, so it's not like they were out in the US for months before releasing here.

    I'm thinking that most people will be over the whole 'motion sensor gaming' by next generation of consoles. Hopefully in the coming years we will see Move and Nintendo take more advantage of motion sensing - because so far, it's been really dissapointing across all consoles.

      I wonder if people made such comments when the mouse was first introduced. (the "first" mass market motion sensing device)

    I was a bit skeptical about the precision of the Move when it came to FPS games.

    But after an hour or two of playing MAG with the Move controller, I can honestly say that it is more accurate, and just feels more natural... and grants you an advantage over other players aiming with analog sticks.

    Going back to the regular dualshock 3 now just feels wrong.

    I got Move as a gift with Champions. It's ok basically sums it up.

    I don't know about other games but Champions had me calibrating every time I wanted to play. The experience just isn't very seamless, for something that is called Move, it feels rigid. "Stand in this box", "Pose like this", "Pose like that". Then despite standing the optimal distance away, trying to be precise with the calibration and having the appropriate character still moved with jerkiness, what was the point of all that?

    Perhaps more serious games will offer better experiences. I'm put off bothering with any of these launch titles, the only real game, R.U.S.E or something, doesn't really interest me in genre.

    These numbers could also be misleading though - 1M units of Move may have shipped, but what's the breakdown? How many are Starter kits, Move Controllers, Navigation Controllers, or PS Eyes?
    I'd guess that 1M units sold doesn't mean 1M homes now have Move because it sells in components.

    Great device with no killer app software.

      Agreed. Gladiators with two motion controllers was fun for an evening, but there really aren't any killer games out for it yet. Hopefully there will be soon. Sony also really need to drop the price of the individual motion and nav controllers too, and give the games PSN connection for online play. It all seems a bit half-assed and ove-expensive at the moment.

    I was thinking about getting a Move because I don't have a Wii and have never tried motion gaming before and this seemed like a good way to get into it but I decided I'd wait to see if any good games come out on it first.

    I'd assume "shipped" would be really close to sales, because individual controllers are literally sold out for a month.

    I'm willing to give it a go when a good game comes out for it. So far though I'm still waaaaay too lazy to get off my arse to play video games...

    I've been to a few Jb Hifi stores in the last 2 or 3 weeks and all of them have a full selection of Move controllers / games / peripherals.

    While this points to strong support from sony, the fact that they were all still on the shelves is a point of concern.

    I wonder how Kinect will fare when it launches here. I didn't really feel any pre-release buzz leading up to Move, but damn Microsoft are really pushing that sensor.

    I bout the move in darwin and now it is mostly sold out. its fun and will be great for hardcore gamers later in its life. I love to game on the pc but it does take alot of the casual out of it. PS3 is easy to access and the only thing holding me back on playing more hard core games is the missus. but thats a bug no one can patch.

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