Multiplayer Customisation In Action In Call Of Duty: Black Ops

In this latest Call of Duty: Black Ops video, we get an in-depth look at the customisation of multiplayer in the game. In particular, we learn all about the importance of in-game currency and horses that can shoot guns.

Make sure to press that tiny HD button in the right bottom corner of the player to see this video in high definition.

Customisation and personalisation are two very important design agendas for the makers of Call of Duty: Black Ops, according to Dan Bunting, online director for developer Treyarch.

"We really wanted to make the player fell like they were making the game their own," he said.

But all of those customisations will come with a price - an in-game currency price.

David Vonderhaar, the game's design director, says this currency system is different than just a level system.

"Previous games you would unlock all content based on your level," he said. "In the currency system, what happens is you unlock the main features. You then use the currency to unlock what you want from that category."

And currency is only earned in online matches.

Wow, and check out the emblem editor. A horse with guns for hooves? Yes, please.


    This is just amazing. Treyarch have really gone all out!

    notice the aimbot about halfway through when the 2 guys walk past him

      Doesn't really look like it , seems like he's spraying at the wall first and then moves his cross hair across.

    Video's not available. that a Spectre M4 that I can see being used, the same thing that was called a PHANTOM in N64 GOLDENEYE!

    hopefully we wont see IW fanboys give Treyarch flak again, i thought WaW was great, and this looks far superior to MW2, and far more balanced and not ridiculous

    I didn't want this game at first...
    but now? it looks amazing. Treyarch have gone all out with this. i'd play this just for the customization, hell people pay for programs that do exactly what the emblem does!
    *Waits for Game*

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