Myst May Be Coming To A Theater Near You

Puzzling adventure game Myst, the best way to show of your bad-ass new CD-ROM drive in 1993, may be the next video game to get a big screen adaptation.

According to a report from Deadline, Cyan Worlds' adventure game series has been optioned for "live action film treatment." Producers Hunt Lowry (Donnie Darko) and Mark Johnson (The Chronicles of Narnia) have partnered with Mysteria Film Group, which secured film rights to the Myst franchise last year, in an attempt to bring the franchise to movie theatres.

Does that mean a Myst movie will actually see the light of day? Maybe. Maybe not.

But the filmmakers say they will draw from the Myst game and a series of novels that served as companion pieces. They're looking for a screenwriter now.

Computer Game 'MYST' Gains Movie Steam [Deadline]


    Yayyy! Another one of my treasured game series and fond memories to be teabagged and spat on by hollywood.

    (This post my have been modified for legal reasons)

    Was such a good series :D and the storyline was 10/10 :D

    Real MYST was a great installment into the series

    Myst is possibly the only video game that SHOULD be a movie. But they may have to edit out a lot of moments where the protoganist stares in bafflement at an assortment of gears and levers. Perhaps a training montage is in order?

    If they use the novels to add depth and interesting twists, this could be almost as epic as the L.O.T.R novels.

    If they use the games alone?

    Welcome to Street Fighter/Super Mario Bros/Double Dragon VIDEO GAME MOVIE HELL!

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