New Dragon Quest Food For You To Eat

Luida's Bar is a Dragon Quest restaurant in Tokyo's Roppongi. It's been opened since earlier this year, so the dishes might have become old hat. Good thing the restaurant's menu is getting new DQ themed food.

There are 11 new items on the menu that range from sweets to spaghetti. There is also a recently opened "Royal Room" that allows patrons to enjoy food, drinks and karaoke.

The restaurant was originally opened to coincide with the release of Dragon Quest VI on the Nintendo DS.

ルイーダの酒場がレベル3に! 新たなフード、スイーツ、ドリンクが登場 [ファミ通.com]


    That venue photographer needs to take better pictures, man!

    Must go to Japan on of these days.....

    I'd love to eat there. I hear they play the Dragon Quest Inn theme on constant loop. (by the way, I'm not joking either).

    I tried to go there when I was in Tokyo but they had some opening night thing going on and you needed a ticket to enter >=(

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