New Nintendo Wii Bundle With Wii Remote Plus

New Nintendo Wii Bundle With Wii Remote Plus

There’s a very good chance that everyone who reads this post will already own a Nintendo Wii – but if you don’t, this one’s is for you!

Nintendo Australia has announced a new bundle today that integrates the new Wii Remote Plus, along with a copy of Wii Sports Resort to take full advantage of the more precise motion controls. It’ll be available on the 28th of October and will be available for the exact same price ($299.95) as the old bundle. It still contains a Nunchuck and a copy of the original Wii Sports, which is a pretty solid deal if you ask us.

The cynical among you may see this as a direct response to the successful release of PlayStation Move, and the upcoming Kinect, but we prefer to see it as a great opportunity for stragglers to enjoy what has been a pretty successful year for Nintendo in terms of software. We loved Mario Galaxy 2, suffered through emo-Samus for some decent level design, and can’t wait to check out Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

So what of it stragglers? Is this package good enough for you to finally pick up a Nintendo Wii?


  • Awesome. I was planning on picking up a Wii over Xmas but I thought I’d be forced to buy a white one to match the Motion Plus attachment so it didn’t look weird.


    • I say get over it. At least we have had some form of motion control for the last 4 years. Nintendo always lead by example then others play catch up. Business sense now allows them to include motion plus built in and people complain??

      • You assume I am complaining sir? I’m happy and will be buying one day of release. I just think it should have been built into the remote in the first place. My, my people are crabby today.

    • I think the xbox 360 should have been a neural interfaced online environment from the beginning too. However I am aware that both technology and commerce don’t match up to my expectations.

    • I like how you assume that Nintendo had MotionPlus ready to go when the Wii launched and just sat on it for a couple of years. I’m sure they did hold off on releasing it for a short while to hit the right release window and all that, but the most likely scenario is that it just wasn’t ready at launch.

      • Actually I’m sure he’s talking about the motion plus technology being an attachment instead of a Wii remote plus (inbuilt motion plus). And yes, I believe they made it an attachment for the sake of the consumer not having to fork out for another 4 controllers.

  • I doubt you have forgotten that I got my Wii from a Rebel Sports for $200 because they failed to sell enough Wii and Wii fit. But seriously there are not many games that utilize wii-motion plus, Wii-Sports-resort, Red Steel 2 and Tiger Woods golf, can any one think of any others? I can only think of the new Zelda game coming next year.

    What are others absolute favourite Wii games?
    I rented Super Paper Mario, Zelda, Madworld, Metroid compilation, but I only had enough time for zelda which was cute. I am looking forward to playing Mario Galaxy.

  • Has any price been announced on the separate Wii Remote Plus?

    I hope it’s the same price as a regular Remote and they don’t jack the price up.

    • I got an email from Nintendo about it. It’s going to be the same rrp as current original Wii Remotes at $69.95.

  • Why oh why can’t they bring out a Wii bundle that actually has a game I might play in it like Metroid other M or Mario Galaxy 2? I don’t care about any of that sports stuff.

  • I’ve already got a Wii, so I’ll just be buying the separate wiimote plus.

    Though maybe I should wait until they bring out a game/remote plus bundle?

  • I’ve been tapping my foot waiting on news of the Mario Red Wii. I want to put it on top of my RE5 red Xbox 360 to help draw dust away from it. I’ve heard the Wii absorbs dust like magic!

  • Awesome. Traded in my old white Wii towards the new 250GB XBOX 360. I backed up all my Miis and saves however, and have been on the lookout for a black one at a good price ever since. This sound like just what I’ve been waiting for.

    Is there a date for this bundle? Or does the “Nintendo Australia has announced a new bundle today” mean it’s on sale immediately?

  • Do any Wii console + Wii Fit Bundles still exist?

    I was thinking of picking one up for a birthday present for one of my parents.

  • Well, thats a good enough reason for me to finally get one of tyhese things. I wanna play Metroid: Other M already…

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