New Red Dead Redemption Screens Have Something On Their Face

Hey, Zombie Abigail, you've got a little schmutz right below your mouth. Presumably, just like every other bloodthirsty undead fiend in Rockstar's zombie adding expansion to the brilliant Red Dead Redemption.

While I preferred the more human side of Red Dead Redemption and its hero, I'm at least curious to see how well zombies integrate into the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game when the Undead Nightmare expansion hits. The screens look sharp, but will zombie fatigue make many of us lose interest before then?


    Why is PC tagged? The game's console-only.

      It will be released on PC.

    So amped for this, been looking for an excuse to get back into RDR

    I'm going to take a WILD guess that the zombie thing isn't canon.

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