New World Record In Joust Awaiting Certification

New World Record In Joust Awaiting Certification

John McAllister, the owner of what is widely believed to be the most unbeatable video game high score, has claimed another world record, in Joust, after a marathon session at the arcade cabinet.

McAllister began his assault on Joust sometime Thursday. He’s no longer playing, but in this video, from, you can see that he’s apparently eclipsed James Vollandt’s 25-year-old record of 107,216,700, having rolled the scoreboard some 10 times. McAllister then starts dumping his remaining lives – and he piled up a ton – in the lava to end the game. An official then steps in to open the cabinet and inspect the board.

Looks legit, but if McAllister has in fact set the record then Twin Galaxies has yet to certify it on their web site. We’ll keep our ears open should that announcement come.

McAllister, a 41-year-old locksmith from Seattle, is a member of the first class inducted into the International Video Games Hall of Fame at Ottumwa, Iowa. In April, he beat the 28-year-old world record in Asteroids Deluxe after a 58-hour marathon session.

Image via SpyHunter007

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