Nintendo DS Sales Fall Through The Floor

In the six months leading up to September 30, 2009, Nintendo sold 11.7 million DS units worldwide. In the six months leading up to September 30, 2010, that figure has dropped by nearly half, to 6.69 million.

It's to be expected, of course. Not only is the DS getting a little long in the tooth as it approaches its sixth birthday, but with the 3DS now at the forefront of people's attention, interest in a soon-to-be-outdated handheld was always going to wane.

Wii sales were also down, from 5.75 million at the same time last year to to 4.97 million over the past six months.

These declines, coupled with a big slip in the value of the Yen, means Nintendo's net income was down 33.7%, while its operating income was down 48%.


    also by now anyone who wants one has one so no one needs to buy one.

    That's hardly surprising since on Sep. 30 the 3DS got it's release date for late Feb 2011. People decided that they'd rather wait for the newest incarnation than buy a new DS and then a 3DS as well.

    not to mention even at its "half" levels it's still outselling the wiis 5.75 million from last year, which would have been considered a smashing success. goes to show how big the ds is that even when it's outselling everything in the market it can be considered "down".

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