Nintendo DS Still Feeling That Pokemon Bump In Japan

Nintendo wins the biggest slice of the pie in this week's hardware battle in Japan, thanks to still strong sales of Pokemon Black and White. But the PSP wasn't too far behind, thanks to K-On!

Actually, it wasn't just Sega's new anime-based music game that helped the PSP move another 37,000 units to Japanese gamers. Half of the top 10 best-selling games in Japan were on Sony's handheld this week. But none of them were Pokemon (or Okami), which helped the Nintendo DS platform to another 50,000-plus sales.

Here are this week's numbers, courtesy of Media Create.

  • PSP - 37,088
  • Nintendo DSi - 24,937
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 24,246
  • PlayStation 3 - 20,363
  • Wii - 13,360
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 5707
  • Xbox 360 - 2769
  • PlayStation 2 - 1247
  • PSP go - 754


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