Nintendo Explains The Nintendo 3DS's Price Point

In Japan, the Nintendo 3DS will cost ¥25,000. That might be high considering how Nintendo has priced its portables in the past. The company explains why.

When asked why the portable was going to cost ¥25,000, Satoru Iwata explained the decision was based off things like the response when the actual portable got when it was shown this past June at the E3 gaming expo.

If Nintendo thinks it can charge ¥25,000 for a portable and people will buy the 3DS, it will!

任天堂:今期純利益予想を半分以下に-「3DS」越年で(Update2) [Bloomberg]


    There's a lesson to be learnt here; never get excited over anything.

    They should really be careful there. Sony went for a high price with their current generation stuff and look where that ended up. Cheap stuff sells. I sure as hell will be very hesitant about paying the equivalent Aussie price for that.

      I just hope it doesn't end up being $400 in Aus.

      Even though I'll probably be getting one regardless. :P

        EB Games have the 3DS listed for preorder on their website for AU$349. But I suppose that's subject to change.

    I'll likely be trading my DSi towards one if possible.

      ive been playing my psp a lot lately so im going to sell my xl on ebay, get about $200 rougly for it and put it towards a 3ds.

    This is nintendo, it will sell.

    its blizzard activition nintendo now is it? i never heard of a merger fucking kotick getting to nintendo

    Its 3D, With motion sensing, new slide pad, lots more. and plus its nintendo. kids will be dying for this stuff. it will sell.

    So essentially. "We saw how excited everyone was and knew that no matter how much it costed, it'll still sell!"

    So yeah. They priced it high because they could.

    We should boycott 3DS until price drop

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