Nintendo Says No Thank You To Building A Smartphone

Combining a phone and a games machine! Everybody's doin' it, right? Not Nintendo.

"Certainly we are adding more and more elements to fill out the experience and take away more and more time from competing devices," Nintendo of America boss Fils-Aime told Forbes. "But our handhelds will always lead with games."

"3DS content will be dramatically unique to our platform, because I don't think a smartphone manufacturer will invest to put a 3D parallax screen in their device and not have the content to bring it to life."

I don't know about that. How many years will it be before there's an iPhone with a screen like the 3DS'? One? Two at the most? And the iPhone 4 is powerful enough as it is, let alone how powerful the next models will be.

I'm not saying this as a prophet of doom, just... that's some fairly short-term thinking there by the Nintendo of America president when you consider the 3DS won't be updated anywhere near as regularly as a smartphone competitor.

Apple, Microsoft And Sony Are Making Game-Ready Smartphones - Will Nintendo? Not Likely, Nintendo President Says [forbes]


    Sweet Apple bias. iThings have always been more powerful than even the NES. Is there a game that's come out for an iToy that's better than any Nintendo game? No. Apple is not for gamers but people that don't want/need to do anything.

    Apparently having a touch screen with 3D doesn't work terribly well together so I doubt there would actually be an iPhone with a 3D screen in the next 2 years. I'd say they're more likely to concentrate on developing the iPhone's processing power further.

    lol who ever wrote this is stupid as two years at most for an iPhone with a 3D screen? what and idiot as if apple would put a 3D screen on an iPhone Apple would wait until the technology is really good since when does Apple add technology that isn't already popular or well developed

    @ Alastair/Adam

    2 years in a phone life cycle is a VERY long time. The iPhone has only existed since 2007, barely 3 years and look at the amount of innovation. Android's even more rampant and has grown in leaps and bounds. Both in hardware and software.

    If 3D does prove successful on a mobile device (as Nintendo's hoping to prove), I have no doubt it will become par for the course sooner or later. And compare a handheld's 5 years+ product cycle vs the iPhone's yearly, and Android's even shorter cycle.

    No quality games on phones? That's arguable. Because modern smartphones are more than capable of emulating current DS/PSP games, the main ceiling is controls. But with the iPhone having games like Phoenix Wright, that argument is no longer sound. For certain RPG/turn based strategy/point and click adventure, a phone is fine and there's no reason why they can't play 'real' games.

    Additionally, while it might be easy for us gaming snobs to quietly ignore mobile gaming, for most normal people, this is more than enough to entertain them on a train ride, or in a waiting room etc. And guess what? We're the minority and THEY will be the ones who decide which devices or trends will predominate, not us.

    Good there's too many smart phones. I don't want to have to buy an 800$ device to play the newest games, and disregard the actual phone part of it.

    I have a phone, and I have games, I can use them seperately and they both work better that way.

    SMART move Nintendo ;)

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