Nintendo: We Can't Blame Piracy For Poor Game Sales

Nintendo, more than any other publisher on Earth, goes after pirates with its teeth out and its guns blazing. So it's funny to hear company president Satoru Iwata say it's not an excuse for poor game sales.

"I do not think we should attribute bad software sales solely to piracy", he said during a Q&A session held last week following the reveal of the 3DS' pricing and release in Japan.

"It is true there is always the influence of piracy, but it is important for us to increase the number of our consumers who are willing to shell out their money to purchase our products. So, we do not intend to think that slower sales are solely due to piracy."

If that's the case, and Nintendo is so lawsuit-happy across all major gaming markets as it is, we'd hate to see what would happen if they did think slower game sales were solely due to piracy. It'd be like the old Wii launch commercials, only instead of "liking to play", there'd be Japanese men knocking on doors the word over "breaking legs".

[Nintendo, via Eurogamer]


    Thank god someone in the gaming industry has sense.

    I've been saying this for years, now, A pirated copy is NOT a lost customer. 9 times out of 10, if a pirate can't find a copy of the game he wants to play on the interwebz, he just won't play it.

    Easy for them to say when the only games that sell on the Wii and DS are Nintendo games.

    Then can they answer why they sued the Australian guy for millions of dollars for potential and i express potential loss due to piracy?

    Poor sales dont indicate piracy, it indicates that their is too much shovelware and the niche casual audience, is well being casual on buying games. Sure nintendo lead the pack earlier in the game with low price and the wiimotes, but the rivals have lowered their price into affordability, with motion sensing, and stronger hardware and capabilities, making all that nintedo has as null. Last thing i ever bought on my wii was CoD WaW, and after i got a ps3, i havent touched it since

    Now I'd also like to hear someone in the games industry admit that piracy doesn't justify the exorbitant prices on games, either.

    Here's an idea, maybe game sales are down because companies keep flooding the market with crap games that shouldn't be out of beta, and are little more than knock offs from last years big hits (again).

    Nintendo has been one of the worse companies to flood the market with complete crapware (shovelware) and has gimmicked the hell out of its cheap motion control games. i originally bought one for my kids, but now they wont even play the horendously stupid games nintendo shoves down any wii owners throat. Even most of the big name gaming firms have pulled or drastically cut wii development due to the fact that nintendo: A: Refuses to go HD. B:only allows certain games to be created (IE. family oriented)without special permission from nintendo. and finally C: refuses to upgrade thier processors to be even above the original xbox or ps2 processing power so as to make games look and play like thier dated previous counter parts.

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