No More Heroes Finds Paradise 'Exclusively' On PS3

The further adventures of Travis Touchdown are coming to the PlayStation 3. No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is coming to the PS3 in North America, bringing PlayStation Move support along with it.

This time it will be Konami who's responsible for publishing Grasshopper Manufacture's high-res port of the Wii original. They'll do so in North America in 2011, when No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise comes to Sony's console - and not Microsoft's.

Ubisoft published the first two No More Heroes games in North America for the Wii, but they passed on the opportunity to do so for the hi-def console port that hit Japan earlier this year.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Announced Exclusively for PS3 and PlayStation Move []


    Will it require Move? Or can it be played with the regular controller?

      It can be played with a regular controller.

    yeah but will it be any good? I so wanted the last 2 No More Heroes games to be good, but they're really not.

      I believe paradise is simply an HD port of the first No More Heroes game - so according to you, no, this will not be any good...

    In Japan the Xbox 360 version was uncut rated CERO Z and the PS3 version was the standard Japan/PAL sunshine and rainbows edition. Any word on the US PS3 version being uncut?

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