No Sequel For Super Meat Boy

I don't know about you guys, but I've been spending an unhealthy amount of time careening an agile slab of beef through some unscrupulously punishing levels as of late. Which is a fancy way of saying that I bloody (pun tragically intended) love Super Meat Boy, which was recently released on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

So I was a bit miffed - nay dismayed - to hear that there are absolutely no plans for a sequel.

During an interview with Eurogamer, the two man development team (awesomely named 'Team Meat') were keen to state that their focus was on creating new a new IP altogether.

"There will be another game, stated co-CEO Edmund McMillen, "but it won't be Meat Boy. It'll be totally new."

He went on to talk about his fear of development, considering the crazy amount of work that went into the development of Super Meat Boy.

"We'd be lying if we said we hadn't talked about the next game – because we very much have. But thinking about it right now makes me want to stab myself in the stomach as hard as I can. With a gun."

Although we'd love to see a Super Meat Boy sequel, we completely respect Team Meat's commitment to new IP. Along with thatgamecompany and Q-Games, Team Meat has leapt straight into our 'will buy anything they make' list of awesome indie developers.

Has anyone here been playing Super Meat Boy? Anyone 100% the game yet?

No Super Meat Boy 2 [Eurogamer]


    Beat the Light World last night.
    It's. So. Good.

    "...thinking about it right now makes me want to stab myself in the stomach as hard as I can. With a gun.”

    Haven't checked out Meat boy yet, this quote makes me want to.

    Oh noes.

    (I'm just bitter about the fact it's not coming out on PSN and the Steam version is coming out in a month. I am looking forward to beating my keyboard in frustration :)

    This game is insanely hard, If 100% it, you have the reflexes of a god.

      I use a fine paste like mixture of patience, persistence and determination and that's just to relieve my burning fingers.

    90% and trying to keep counting :D

    Good for them. Its already a sequel to Meat Boy BTW.

    I really love this game, and I will no doubt give their next effort a go too.

    In terms of progress, upto the last level of light world and done the first 2 zones in the dark world.

    I can understand that, designing Super Meat Boy would of been a huge effort, particularly the play testing and level design.

    I quite like this news, we're getting free DLC anyways, and if community content is implemented then there is no need for a sequel

    Waiting for PC... :(

    Patiently... It feels like it's never going to arrive...

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