Now, This Is A Joystick

I once had a Thrustmaster "Top Gun" joystick. Best one I ever had. Got me through 2.5 X-Wing games after I'd broken four on the first one. This new one, though, is a lot nicer.

It's called the HOTAS WARTHOG (Thrustmaster's caps, not ours), and is touted as a "full replica" of the flight stick and throttle of a real A-10 Warthog, an aircraft that despite its age is still about the meanest-looking thing in the sky.

Most of the thing is made of metal, and it weighs in at a hefty 6.4kg. All those buttons work, too; there are 55 programmable buttons in all, with a further two "hat" switches as well.

This is all sounding great for those of you who still play flight sims, so let me temper your excitement with word that the HOTAS costs $US500. That ought to weed out the casual bystanders among you.


    I really wouldn't have expected any cheaper for such a high end piece of electronics equipment. I don't play flight sims, but I can certainly can appreciate a nice gaming controller, and damn if this isn't the nicest joytick I've ever seen.

    That, is the single most incredible looking joystick *ever*.

    A thing of beauty, however there is a lack of good flight/space sims.

      Yep. That's the real thing that stands between me and getting this stick.

      As much as I love the Freespace series, I AM a bit tired of it after so many years.

    I don't play flight sims either, but if I had the cash I'd get one of these and just put it on the coffee table. Then when people came around I'd be all "NNNEEEEEEOOOOORRRRRR COMIN' IN HOT".

    now only if they would bring out a new Mech Warrior game id think about buying that

      Eactly my thoughts.

      Pirana Games still have their Mechwarrior reboot listed as being "in development".

    A nice high end flight sim would go nice along side that!

    How do they make money on this when the sims out there right now are sooooo outdated?

    I'd say that's aimed towards the DCS crowd, with A-10C coming out soon =)

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