Now You Can Be The Third, Taller Mario Brother

Reader JC has a design up for voting on T-shirt site Threadless, and we think it's one worth voting for. Unless you hate plumbers. And who hates plumbers?

Anyone can be a plumber in this shirt, which makes us wish Threadless was a store that also specialised in caps and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

In case you don't know how the site works, you can't buy this shirt. Not yet. Not until it gets enough votes. So go vote!

Bruvva [Threadless]


    I registered just to vote "5" and "I'd buy this as a tee".

    Hey Luke, any chance of another news post when this actually goes on sale? I want one, but I might forget to keep checking the site and it'll probably slip buy me when it becomes available. =(

    Shame it requires you to sign up.

    But I'm signing up because I want you to win :) I'll probably buy one too.

    Who hates plumbers?


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