One Of These Splatterhouse Screens Is Quite Pleasant

Splatterhouse protagonist Rick doesn't spend all his time tearing terrible monstrosities limb-from-limb, bathing in their blood as horrific gaping wounds appear on his body. Just most of the time.

I'm incredibly fond of the first screenshot in this gallery. Every time new Splatterhouse assets drop, I prepare myself for the inevitable gore fest Namco Bandai plans to unleash upon the world on November 23. What a pleasant surprise to find Rick pausing his desperate search for Jennifer long enough to admire a little fine art.

The rest of the screens are filled with blood, bones and organs, if you're into that sort of thing.


    Why, yes, i am into that sort of thing!

    I cant believe this game got through the OFLC without being censored or toned down.

      There is a god?

    Whilst this game does look like quite the non-sensicle fun-fest, it still all looks very sameish.

    While i probably will end up picking up this game, i'll be waiting until it's in the bargain bin, much like i'm waiting for Naughty Bear to hit the $20 mark before i even bother.

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