Oprah Audience Explodes Into Hysterics Over Free Xbox Kinects

We were kind of hoping today's Kinect plug on Oprah would mean she'd be piloting a virtual raft with her body, but the episode's YOU GET A KINECT! YOU GET A KINECT! YOU GET A KINECT! finale is even better.

Oprah's typical studio audience is, to put it politely, not exactly a core Xbox demographic - but from their reaction you would think George Clooney walked out on stage engulfed in flames with some sort of cupcake-firing bazooka. FREE STUFF! FOR FREEEE!

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    it's like a free exercise machine, of course they're happy.

    Wait, didn't Oprah end? Like she flew the whole audience to Australia or something?

      Be patient my sweet, the end is near....

    I facepalmed so hard that my hand went through my skull.

    God I hate Oprah. Almost as much as I hate Kinect... this is not what I saw the Xbox brand becoming when I first played Halo all those years ago.

      Kinect and the existing xbox brand are not mutually exclusive. It is like saying that if you don't like halo then you don't like xbox. It is a choice. I like my xbox ad the existing games. I will continue to do so. I will not get Kinect and as far as I can see, nothing has changed?

      Just my opinion, but i think the two things work well hand in hand and it should open up a wider audience to gaming which i support.

      Agreed, I thought it would be a very hardcore gamer orientated console. Urgh, but I guess that isn't where all the $$ is.

        Yes, because once Kinect is released, they will STOP MAKING ALL OTHER GAMES FOREVER.

          I was thinking of posting a comment like Matt has here. SRSLY kinect won't change anything about how your xbox currently works now or in the future, it just means people who're interested in motion control can try it out on a system that doesn't have minimalistic hardware (I'm trying to be nice here, Wii).

          People certainly do love to spout how this or that is doomed or completely destroyed by something related to it, and these sort of comments always come off as being completely stupid. I've heard it plenty about bands "destroying genres" and it's equally silly, the genre would have to be incredibly weak for one band to destroy it. Just like the xbox would have to be an incredibly weak console for this to really change anything about it.

          I'm interested in motion control, but I didn't buy a Wii because a console that relies on motion control as a major selling point didn't appeal to me at all. However the ADDITION of motion control to an already strong console with plenty of well established good points just makes the deal sweeter for me. I can see for myself if motion control is really worth it, while still having a machine with a massive plethora of games that'll play freakin' great if the motion control isn't really that good or if I don't feel like flailing around the living room that evening.

        >>hardcore gamer orientated console.

        O'hohoho. Good one.

          it was once. so i take it you are an elitist PC gamer who thinks better graphics and less games are what makes someone hardcore??? not that i am, but hey, get off your high horse (whatever that means)

            There's no best console, stop replying, /commentthread.

    why is there no game boat???? nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    I've had the misfortune to see small parts of her vapid show over the last few years and from what I can gather, those idiots in the crowd would go apeshit crazy over a free punch in the face

      LOL and it's so earnestly trivial with its faux-intellectual ramblings. Magpies flock there to collect shiny things.

    Get over it Justin. You and your nerd mates don't have enough cash to fund x-box's brand. So they need to diversify. One day you may find yourself in a situation where you have your own little runts. Ten bucks says you buy a kinect or whatever other crap Microsoft are cramming down your throat to keep up with market trends.

      Hey Chesty, craigslist is spelt with a "c" sorry you accidentally came to Kotaku.

    Oprah's audience always goes apeshit whenever she gives out freebies. I've seen this behaviour a million times before, regardless of what the item is, or how incompatible it is for the stage audience.

    It's very Pavlovian. They know and expect to get free stuff by going nuts on the camera > positive reinforcement.

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