Patent Application Imagines The DS Helping With The Groceries

Still trying to sell the DS to people who don't typically play games, Nintendo has plans for an application linking the DS with a supermarket's inventory so users can simplify their shopping list and find what they need more easily.

Sounds like nothing more than a weekly circular on the handheld but I could see it being useful if, say, you wanted to make a certain meal that evening, it could kick back a recipe with the items you need and - this has been a particular pet peeve of mine - direct you to precisely where they're located in the store. Because grocery stores never stock the aisles intuitively.

I foresee some screaming fits, though. mum reads of this, hijacks little Jimmy's DS and instead of him playing games quietly while she fills up the cart he's whining to get his Pokémon back. Nintendo's solution to that, of course, would be to buy another DS.

Nintendo Hoping to Create In-Store Wireless Shopping Network [iSmashPhone via GamePolitics]


    There are already recipe programs for the DS, although they lack the linking up to a store.

    But I'm not sure why you would want to fork out money for a new DS to use as a shopping tool, when you could buy an ipod touch and get a shopping app for around the same or less money...

      Not everyone owns an iPod in Japan you know.. meanwhile..

    Go figure. You try to post info on *LEGAL* homebrew software made by clever people who aren't pirating, and your comment is deleted. How mature.

    Basically, same idea sans wireless already exists.


    You wait to everyone uses scan2list - shopping made easy!

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