PAX Code Thief Ordered To Hand Over PC, Stay Off Xbox Live Sites

Accused Penny Arcade Expo code thief Justin D. May was placed on a pre-trial probation this week which includes conditions that he stay in school, forfeit his computer and stay off Xbox Live "web sites," court officials tell Kotaku.

May was arrested on Sunday, March 28, after representatives from developer Atomic Games say they caught him attempting to download the source code for the game Breach onto his laptop. According to reports, May received 14MB worth of data from the 2GB game before fleeing into the crowded PAX East show floor, only to be tracked down and apprehended by authorities.

May was arrested, facing charges of larceny over $US250 and buying, selling or receiving stolen trade secrets. He could face up to five years or a $US25,000 fine on the first charge and up to five years or a $US500 fine and imprisonment of up to two years on the second charge.

A warrant issued for May's arrest after failing to appear at his original arraignment on March 30 was dropped on April 1 after he contacted authorities and arranged to have the arraignment moved.



    that dude goes to jail he better take a carton of KY and mouth wash

    lol what an idiot!

    Isn't this the guy that was TELLING them that he was stealing AS he was stealing?

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