Pick Up Speed And Let's Watch This Fable III Trailer

Slated for release later this month, action role-playing game Fable III raises the stakes. The game is about more than being good or bad. It's about causing a revolution.

This new trailer features the tune "Young Men Dead" by Texas rockers The Black Angels. Those who have played Xbox 360 thriller Alan Wake might recognise it as the song appeared on the game's soundtrack.


    As ever, if Molyneux can deliver on the majority of the promises made for this game, it'll be worth playing. I am hoping they have left much of the platform of Fable 2 in place, and built a proper experience on top of it for this game. The world in F2 seemed so rich, but so terribly directionless. Nothing seemed like it was ever going to happen in that world unless or until Sparrow/I decided to make it happen.

    Oh dear. =(
    Apart from an african woman I spotted, this looks thoroughly modern which I was already worried about. Running out of fantastic inspiration?

    If the game plays anything like that trailer, I'll be happy.

    This game is a failure if i am not allowed to construct a marxist-leninist paradise with miles long gallows of trotskyists.

    I remember trying to pick between Fable2 and Fallout3 when they both came out.

    I have learned from history.

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