Play Dress Up With Dead Rising 2 DLC

The Dead Rising 2 dress-up fun never stops, as Capcom reveals four themed packs of downloadable content that add new looks and new abilities to Chuck Greene's arsenal.

Capcom is releasing a fresh set of gear for Dead Rising 2's protagonist on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network every week through November 2, starting with next week's Psychopath Theme Pack. Fans that purchased the High Stakes edition of the game from Capcom already have a voucher good for the October 12 release, which decks Chuck out in a hockey mask and arms him with a chainsaw, cleavers and more.

On October 19, the Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack hits, giving Chuck a new Rambo look and a special spray attack with automatic weapons.

October 26 brings the Sports Theme Pack, giving Chuck increased damage with sports-themed weapons, while introducing new weapons like the basketball, which bounces when thrown, taking out multiple zombies at once.

Finally on November 2, Chuck gets a new stealth mode in the Ninja Theme Pack. Along with making him look amazingly cool, Chuck will also get increased damage with throwing weapons and swords, with some new moves and a faster throwing rate adding a little extra ninja to the pack.

Players can freely mix and match outfits as well, meaning my dream of a psycho football ninja is finally coming true.


    Umm... i already have both the ninja and the sports fan pack... They came with my pre-order of the outbreak edition..

    ...but the other two could be fun! :P

      Lol same here, luckily the Psycho and Soldier come out first. Unfortunately I've finished the game and don't really know what to do besides muck around....

    Same here got my ninja and the sports fan pack through the outbreak edition but i downloaded the Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack & Psychopath Theme Pack & they don't even work!?!? Anyone got this problem too?

      If you read the text when you download it, it's only so that you can see the people USING those packs. They are required for multiplayer.

      IE. If somone in aus with no packs is playing against/with a yank with the psycho pack, we need the psycho (viweing) pack in order to see him using it... if that makes sense..

        Me & my cousin are both in Australia, we have downloaded the Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack & Psychopath Theme Pack off the dlc for DR2 & still these don't work. But when we pre-ordered the outbreak edition & tried the Sports Theme Pack through the psn code, it worked. So Does this work only with dlc codes?

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