Play Gran Turismo 5 At The Motor Show

We already gave you details on the 24 hour Gran Turismo race taking place at the Toyota stand during the Australian International Motorshow taking place at Darling Harbor Convention Centre, but what we failed to mention is that we're actually taking part in the race (and by 'we' I mean me, Mark Serrels).

If you feel like coming to cheer me on/laugh at me, please feel free to come along - the event/race starts on Tuesday afternoon, but my hour slot begins at 9am on the Wednesday.

We also gave away ten tickets to the event on our Facebook page, so congrats to...

Gemma Graham Christopher Jordan Collers Aaron Lim Vincent Oum Peter Rudd Jamie Benny Cameron Rodwell John Arthur Damian J Pasternak Gonzo Mango Carr-Greig (if that is your real name)

The tickets are valid for the duration of the show.


    'Gonzo Mango Carr-Greig (if that is your real name)'


    24 hour race - do you know if this means we'll (er.. well you guys at the Motor Show anyway) be seeing GT5 with a realtime 24-hour night cycle??

    Excerpt from the Polyphony Digital dictionary -

    v. played, play·ing, plays
    1. To view a video demonstration from 50 meters away, and then wait till 2012

    Dear Sydney, screw you. Yes, thats right, screw you. Your sapping all the fun in the gaming industry. This is why people end up wearing nappies chanting "wheels on the bus go round and round" at your local friendly looney bin.

    MELBOURNE!!!! for the love of cactuses, MELBOURNE PLEASE!!!!!!!

    *faints with anger

    oh, and good luck Starkers Markers :D

      *giggles* Starkers Markers

      *rabble rabble rabble*

        Boo for Melbourne... down with the whole E

          Eastern seaboard.

            ROFL, not sure where you were going for a minute there!!?? I thought that you thought we are a bunch of ecstacy ravers!

              What can I tell ya man,

              I'm from the new school of touch typing.
              More speed and less accuracy.

              The problem is... sometimes I'm quicker than the spell check, or my own darn fingers.

        Screw Melbourne, move it all to Mudgee!
        Although if this rain doesn't stop we will all be playing Hydro-Thunder.

    Can anyone that goes please feedback as to whether the game really does look like it has been worth the amt of time we have been waiting for its release?

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