Play Paper Football On Your Desktop

Play Paper Football On Your Desktop

Remember paper football? I never learned how to properly fold up the notebook paper into a triangle. My older brother did. We played it on a coffee table given to my great-grandfather by an admiral in the Korean navy.

Where was I? “The Paper Triangle Football Game” by Burak Kanber, a flash game he programmed in a day, is simply the finest simulation quality paper football game ever made. That I know of. Apparently built in the span of a day while he was bored, he loosed his creature on Reddit earlier in the day and many man hours have since been lost to it.

You get three minutes to score as many times as possible. Touchdowns are worth three points. Extra points are worth, well, an extra point.

No multiplayer exists as of yet. Plans for DLC or roster updates have not yet been announced.

Flick the football by clicking and dragging back with your mouse and releasing; the length of the drag is the force behind the flick. Extra points are handled by a meter. Be sure to make the wide goalposts with your fingers, not your thumbs. No, don’t make the narrow ones! Mom! He’s doing it again! Mommmmmmm!!!!!!

The Paper Triangle Football Game [Burak Kanber]

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