PlayStation Phone Revealed?

Engadget currently has a story running with images of what they are claiming is a prototype of a PlayStation Phone.

Apparently running on Android 3.0, with a custom Sony marketplace for games, the PlayStation Phone is allegedly sporting a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor, with 512mb RAM and 1GB of ROM. As you can see from the image above, the phone also seems to have a multi-touch trackpad in the middle, and features the traditional PlayStation button set, but no analogue nub.

We contacted Sony directly and were told that rumours of the phone is just speculation, but the images do look legit, and Engadget have put their credibility on the line, assuring readers that this is the real deal.

More news as we get it.

The PlayStation Phone [Engadget]


    OMG, I would not buy that, It's as fugly as hell!!!

    I don't want a PlayStation Phone, I want a PSP2...

    No keypad or numbers, but too many buttons for it to be a touch screen, no PS branding on it anywhere... With the PSP2 just revealed and all, I'm gonna go with hoax, but at the very least there's more to it - maybe the PSP2 will be a phone?

    And yeah, the top half with the screen is alright, but the silver is horrible - looks too cheap and plastic. If this is real, Sony, how'd that approved?

      I think it's worth bearing in mind that the phone is just a prototype, the final product (if this thing exists) will be far more polished and PlayStation-ised.

      Prematurely submitted. Third time today. :|

      I was going to say, the PSP GO, PSP2 and now this thing all look remarkably similar, what with the sliding and the layout, but Engadget had a mockup of almost this exact thing months ago. Seems suspicious.

      "Too many buttons for it to be a touch screen" - how do you figure? Leaving out the slide-out control pad which is obviously intended for dedicated gaming, I only see 4 buttons there, which appear to be the standard 4 buttons used by Android phones (Home, Menu, Back and Search). It's not at all uncommon for a touchscreen Android phone to keep these 4 as physical buttons (e.g. the HTC Desire which also has an optical trackpad along with the physical buttons in addition to the touch screen)

        Not on the screen - I was referring to it having a start, select, d-pad and 4 action buttons, on top of a trackpad.

        Seems redundant, if not excessive.

          You forgot the L&R shoulder buttons :)

          But that is in no way excessive for gaming - pretty standard kind of interface, really. And I think that slide out controller is tailored specifically towards gaming - you wouldn't use it just for standad phone operations (although the controls could be handy for things like media playback - trying to navigate through a full length movie with a touchscreen slider isn't very precise).

          The Endgadget article didn't make any mention of graphics hardware that I saw... I wonder what it's got in that department?

            Well, fair point - having the touchscreen on top of that makes it a better gaming prospect... but something irks me. The more I think about it, the more I don't believe it. (e.g. cannibalise PSP2 sales by releasing PSP with a phone attached?)

            However, if I'm wrong, I'll eat my words and buy one for every Kotaku regular!*

            * Assuming they're in the realm of $5 each :/

      The photo shows the stock Android unlock screen, which requires you to swipe your finger over the lock icon to unlock the phone. Wouldn't be particularly useful without a touch screen.

    The interface has A and B buttons... but obviously the PlayStation doesn't....

      Exactly, the interface doesn't look right, there's no playstation logo's anywhere, It looks like some one failed at trying to mod a PSPGo!.

    Interesting move for Sony if the PSP2 is a phone.

    Trackpad could be nice but I'd prefer 2 analogue nubs. If the screen is a touch screen as well it could be a nice competitor for the iPhone and DS

    If it's real that is...

    everyone seemes to have skipped over the all important word "prototype" at the beginning of the story... i'll admit it still doesn't mean it's not a hoax, but a lot of the slated 'hoax evidence' could simply be brushed aside if this is a working prototype and not the final release :)

    Already know what is going to happen with this - Sony decides to do a deal with one provider in the US (AT&T most likely) and that coupled with a price at launch that is just way too expensive when compared to competitors (lets face it Sony can't price the PS3, PSP, PSPGo right at launch to break into the market) and this is nosediving straight into the failpool.

    I bought a PSP at launch and there is no way i am buying this unless there is software to back it up.

    I reckon this looks potentially great. It would want some changes (e.g. change that white / silver to black to match the rest of the phone and the existing DualShock/PSP controls, add at least 1 analogue nub) and the overall size was comparible with the likes of current smartphones (iPhone, Desire) etc then I'd be very interested in this. I'd never buy a dedicated handheld - I only want to carry 1 gadget, and that's my phone, so everything else has to fit onto that. So I find this a much more interesting proposition than the PSP2.

    It'd be interesting to see if the controller could be accessed by Android apps or if there would be used under some kind of separate PlayStation environment sitting on top of Android for running games from the PS Store. I've got a SNES emulator on my HTC Desire that works great, but a lot of the games (e.g. Super Mario World) require too much precision for the touchscreen d-pad - I'd love to be able to play them with a physical d-pad!

      I'd like them to beef up the specs a bit as well, personally. But an analogue nub is essential. I like the idea of the track/touch pad thingy.

    If it has MicroSD Support then I wonder if games will be released on MicroSD (god imagine if you lost one! Those things are tiny!) or just digital distribution.

    I've got an awful feeling this PSPhone will only play crappy "casual" games and if you want to play proper real games then you'll need to get the PSP2 that was reported a few days ago.

    Damn you Sony, just make one bloody device that can receive phone calls and play decent games. I'm sick of carrying a phone and a handheld console in my pockets.

    Ah, that's what they're doing with all that excess PSP go stock.

    Engadget has credibility?

      Nick Broughall, editor of Gizmodo, who sits opposite me is going to love this comment...

    It's interesting that they're claiming Android 3.0 to be the OS. 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb) is being tipped to be the default Android OS for Tablet PCs whereas the next update for phones will be 2.3 (Gingerbread) - a little like how iOS split for iPhone and iPad. Only with cooler names. Suggests that Sony-Ericsson don't see this as a phone so much as a "handheld device".

    No analogue sticks?

    Wait and see I say.

    I can't remember, was the PSP Go ever leaked early in such detail?

    I love how crazy the speculation has been in the time since the 3DS announce at TGS. That info leaked early too didn't it?

    Any way truth is an e-reader/ipad, muilti-touch/quad-shock, phone/gps/psp2 with 4g/quadband/satellite, 1tb/1.2ghz/4gb RAM, 2 stroke/ Bio diesel, AWD/jetski with a 70inch 3D screen is on the way folks, believe me!
    Ive ridden it and its amazing!

    This may be more likely a PSP phone (rather then a PSP2 phone).

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