Pokemon Animated With 3D Computer Graphics Looks Like This

The weekly Pocket Monsters anime program is typically a 2D affair. But the opening credits for the latest series, Pokemon: Best Wishes!, shows off some fancy computer-generated 3D graphics.

For comparison's sake, this is what the opening for the previous Pokemon series looked like. Below is the current opening for the new Pokemon: Best Wishes!

The new theme song is sung by Rica Matsumoto, who also voices the character of Satoshi (Ash Ketchum). The series, however, does not feature Takeshi (Brock) or Hikari (Dawn). Pokemon: Best Wishes! premiered this fall in Japan and kicked off the anime's 14th season.


    I think 'fancy' might be an overstatement.

    I miss liking the Pokemon anime, it seems like something that would be fun if I was 7.

    The character redesigns and lack of Brock is stupid though.

    What's also great is that they give colour to each of the pokemon after they've been revealed on the show! So it's kind of a different opening every episode.

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