Pokemon Helps Keep The DS (Way) On Top In Japan

Another week of outstanding sales for Pokemon Black & White, another week of total Nintendo DS dominance in Japan.

More than half of every console sold in Japan this past week, according to sales tracker Media Create, could play Nintendo DS games. The most popular version of Nintendo's still wildly successful platform was the DSi, as the Pokemon market probably isn't XL enough to require the DSi XL. PSP sales were still strong, thanks in part to Sega's latest Yakuza game, the first for the PlayStation Portable.

For the best-selling hardware in Japan for the week of September 20-26, read on.

  • Nintendo DSi - 49,411
  • PSP - 37,576
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 32,777
  • PlayStation 3 - 20,694
  • Wii - 16,908
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 7011
  • Xbox 360 - 2599
  • PlayStation 2 - 1514
  • PSP go - 900


    they do know that you don't have to buy a new ds just to play a new game?

    What's the point of these statistics exactly?
    I'm not hating, in fact I love these.

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