Pre-Order Dead Space 2? Get Dead Space Ignition Free

We hardly needed another reason to get excited about Dead Space 2, but EA have gone and given it to us, in the form of a pre-order bonus that (gasp) actually has some value!

Instead of another figurine gathering dust next, gamers that pre-order Dead Space 2 will receive a free code for the upcoming release Dead Space Ignition, which is released on both the PSN and Xbox Live tomorrow.

According to EA Dead Space Ignition "combines an interactive comic-style story with three unique hacking games; Hardware Crack, Trace Route and System Override."

Pretty nifty. More specifically Dead Space Ignition is a prequel showing players what occurs in the lead up to Dead Space 2 via an interactive comic book, choose your adventure style game, with twitch action and puzzles.

You can pick it up for $8.45 on the PSN, or for 400 points on Xbox LIVE.

Or you can just pre-order Dead Space and get it for free!


    Sounds nice. A little Necromorph figure to join my Little Sister and Dead Rising 2 zombie would of been nice though.

    Yes but is this deal confirmed for Australia and if so which stores are participating in the deal.

    It seems to me the press release and trailer doesn't specify where.

      I'm willing to bet it's going to be an EB thing, and it'll be cheaper to buy it from JB + the Arcade game than what EB will be charging. But people will still fall for it.

    Sounds good, I like free stuff! However, there is nothing wrong with free figurines! They are the best collectors edition add-ons imo...

    i find this a little... obvious(for lack of better wording.) I mean, your not going to get ignition if your not going to get dead space 2, so you'd be an idiot if you bought ignition instead of an easy FREE preorder.

    does that make any sense?

      You're assuming you will be able to get it from any store. You'd hardly be an "idiot" if the only place that offered it was EB selling the game for $120, now would you?

        yeh but i'm a stingy bastard and i don't keep my games from eb. praise the lord for 7 day trial period policy.

    So I pre-ordered this already, do I still get ignition?

    Does the PS3 version still come with the Move-enabled version of the Wii Dead Space game (whatever it was called... Extraction, I think?)

    'Interactive Comic Book', not a game then?

    Gosh darn it! I already paid for it! Do I get a refund?

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