President Obama Is On Fire (In NBA Jam)!

Continuing a tradition set by the original versions of NBA Jam, which included political figures like Bill Clinton and Prince Charles, EA's latest game in the franchise will include more contemporary characters, like President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

They're just the start, though; the American political spectrum is being represented in force with actual teams based on the Republican and Democratic parties, the former starring George W Bush, John McCain, Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin, the latter both Clintons, Al Gore, Joe Biden and President Obama.

These characters aren't there to make up the numbers, either; they're as unique as the actual NBA players in the game, each with unique facial expressions based on actual photographs. Dick Cheney, for example, has a "Darth Vader snarl".

Reports so far indicate that these characters will only be available with the Wii version of the game; we'll update if we hear about the 360 and PS3 versions.

Palin, Obama star in 'NBA Jam' [ESPN]


    haha thats so great!!

    if only it had the Aussie Pollies...

    Imagine Kevin with a big "07" on his back

      ... and a knife sticking out of it.


    How can darth vader snarl?

    Again, until this is XBL and PSN purchasable and NOT forcing NBA Elite 11 on us to play NBA JAM 2.0...

    Who the hell CARES?!

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