Prince Of Persia HD Collection Is Europe Only, In 3D, Royally Ugly

The previously rumored Prince of Persia Trilogy 3D for the PlayStation 3 has been confirmed by publisher Ubisoft today, stuffing three PS2 games onto one Blu-ray disc, which will only be available in Europe.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones will get a visual upgrade for the re-release, but judging by the first three screen shots of the compilation, not a terribly impressive visual upgrade. Either the sands of time have not been kind to the Prince, or we've forgotten what these PS2 games originally looked like.

Ubisoft says the trio of Prince of Persia games will run in 720p resolution, plus feature new textures, normal maps, anti-aliasing and optional stereoscopic 3D.

Prince of Persia Trilogy 3D hits the PS3 in Europe on November 19, priced at £29.99.


    dammit! we've been waiting for ages for this, & now its only got a european release!?!? thats not cool ubisoft. get that collection to oz asap!

    Any word on this game being region coded?

    While it is true that PS3 games are not region coded, the mechanism still exists as an option.

      I dont think it would be, but even if it was Europe uses the same PAL format as we do in Aus so it shouldn't be an issue.

    Europe only?
    How Europe only?
    We are Europe, so us too?

    PS3 is region-free.

    Royally ugly? I'm going with the "you've forgotten what these PS2 games originally looked like" option.

    Eh, it looks as good as you'd hope. Presuming it's at the equivalent of US$40, should be fairly cheap to import from any of the UK stores.

    Eu release usually includes us too.. and even if it doesn't it'll be piss easy for Australians to pick up an import copy anyways... so "pfft", i say!

    Wow that does look....ugly. I would rather updated models made of more than 5 polygons than updated textures.

    PS2 serves us well for its time.

    Even if it does get released here, it will probably be cheaper to import it anyway ...

    I'll still probably pick this up at some point, but... really? It looks like a PSP game...

    Hopefully the Splinter Cell trilogy is treated a little better!

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