Professor Layton And Ace Attorney Co-Starring In Upcoming Title


    This is sumthin I'll have NO OBJECTION !! in picking up.
    I hope this is one of the launch titles, but MGS3 will keep me busy till this comes out !!

    I think i just came a little...

    Well that's... cool.

    Seriously though, can't they at least stop stalling and announce Ace Attorney V? I want to see what happens in Apollo Justice 2 (although admittedly I'm probably in the minority there).

    Best... News... EVER!

    Hopefully there's an english release date not to far from the Japanese one.

    This is fantastic. Though I do wonder which series' art style they're going to set the game under? The very anime-styling of Phoenix Wright? or the children's book look of Layton?

    I can see this happening:

    *Maya's stomach grumbles.*

    Maya: "Nick? Professor Layton? Where's lunch."

    Phoenix: "Don't look at me."

    Layton: "It's in one of these boxes my lady."

    Maya: "Thankyou. Why don't you try using manners like that, Nick?"

    *Phoenix fumes."

    Maya: "Er, Professor? There's 20 boxes here. Which one has lunch?"

    Layton: "Now this reminds me of a puzzle..."

    Maya: "WHAAA?!"

    Phoenix: "HAHAHA!"

      That's brilliant!

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