Question Time: Nintendo

As part of a mega three-part series, each of the big players in the console market – Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft – have agreed to let us speak to their head honchos, their proverbial Charles in charge, so we can get an idea of where each company is headed in the lead up to Christmas and beyond.

But here’s the (ever so slightly awesome) twist – we want you guys to be fielding the questions.

So here’s the deal: We’re looking for the most insightful, probing questions. Simply post them in the comments section, and we’ll round up the best questions and take them right up to the top of the chain and get the answers you want.

We’ve sent your Sony questions across to Michael Ephraim, with the assurance that we’ll get them back before the end of the week. So, in the meantime, it’s time to start collecting some questions for Nintendo!

This time round it’ll be Nintendo’s Marketing Director for Australia Greg Arthurton answering your questions.

Let’s hear what you’ve got!


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