Reader Survey: WIN $3648 TV + Camera Package

TODAY is the LAST DAY to get in on our latest reader survey. In just a few minutes (honestly, about five or six) you can stand up, be counted, help us out, AND get in the draw for a 46-inch Sony BRAVIA NX700 LCD TV plus a Cyber-shot TX5 (winner takes all).

Just head over here to take our survey, which should only take about five minutes. Give us your details at the end of the survey and you'll be in the draw for the prizes!

[Take the survey here.] [Terms & Conditions of the prize draw here (.pdf).]

Thanks to everyone who contributes to the survey, it really helps us develop what we do here at Allure Media. Good luck with the Sony prize pack!


    good luck to all the readers. by the lucky one win.

    Seriously hope I win. Need this more than anything.

    I just hope I win because I want it

    If win this I will do a slow-motion dive firing two guns into a pool

      Have you ever fired a gun while in a high-speed pursuit?

        Had the chance to but I decided to throw a bag of c4 while screaming "no" instead.

        I regret the choice

    I want that TV so hard.

    I already have a 46" Sony, and I just bought a Sony digital camera for my parents... I still want this as much as I don't need it =p

    I hope someone who needs it wins though, it'd be kind of shitty if like a millionaire won it and it just sat in his garage.

    whens this going to be announced? or has it?

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