Reader Survey Winner

Thanks to everyone who completed our reader survey. Whether you did it out of the goodness of your heart, or you did it because you wanted to win that sweet Sony BRAVIA NX700 and Cyber-shot TX5 combo deal, we appreciate you taking the time. Either way you were in the running for the prize draw... so who won?

Congratulations to Scott McNamara from Queensland!

Thanks again to everyone. And don't worry, that's not the last cool prize we'll ever give away around these parts. :-)


    Congrats to Scott...

    but wishes it was myself!

    DAAYyyyyyMMMMNNNNNN!!!NN Growl. *sulk face* Man, I was soooo hoping for this one... bah!!

    Anyways, congrats Scott (lucky son of a bi..) but bigthanks to Sony and Kotaku, ace prizes! Hows about some free PS3's please Sony?????? *puppy face*

    hahaha well done scott!!

    Enjoy your prizes and beware of the hitmen i'm sending your way :D

    Huge 'grats Scott! That's one hell of a prize. Can you feel the searing heat of collective envy? :D


    Conpetition win fail :(

    Congrats Scott. I hope you use them and don't just hawk them on ebay. ;-)

    Congrats Scott.
    Did you used to live in Adelaide?

    Hahahaha congrats Scott

    ...didn't my bribe turn up? Must've been lost in the mail. :/

    congrats scott. take a dirty picture for us

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